My name is Iris Tay and I teach Accounting. My career started in the banking and financial institution industry, where I climbed the corporate ladder for 15 years. I completed the accounting professional examinations and I am a member of Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountant (“MICPA”).

If French is a language of Love, then Accounting is a language of Business. Accounting is an excellent choice of subject for those who wish to pursue a career in finance, be it directly related to accounting, banking or business. Even the best business ideas will get to nowhere without a sound financial management and, whether you want to work for big business, or have your own small business, the knowledge of financial management is vital.

By learning accounting at KYS International School, students will develop an understanding of planning, budgeting and managing financial resources. Students will also work on an ability to critically apply, analyse and evaluate accounting policies and practices. There will be an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of using accounting information to make viable business decisions. All in all it will be a solid foundation for further study.

The Accounting syllabus aims to:

  • Develop an ability to apply accounting concepts, principles and practices
  • Understand the role of accounting as an information system for monitoring, problem solving and decision making
  • Develop a critical and analytical approach to examining and evaluating accounting policies and practices
  • Develop skills of communication, analysis, interpretation and presentation of both qualitative and quantitative accounting information
AS will study the topics listed below.
AS will study the topics listed below:
  • Recording financial information
  • Accounting principles and control systems
  • Control systems
Financial Accounting:
  • Preparation of Financial statements
  • Capital (equity)
Financial Reporting and interpretation:
  • Interpretation and Analysis
Elements of Managerial Accounting:
  • Costing Principles and Systems
  • Budgeting
A Level will study all the topics above in greater depth along with the additional topics listed below:
Elements of Managerial Accounting
  • Standard Costing
  • Investment Appraisal
Financial Accounting:
  • Published Company Accounts
Financial Reporting and interpretation:
  • Company Financing

Methods of Assessment AS and A2 Accounting:

Paper 1 (AS)

Type of paper: Multiple Choice Questions on AS topics
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Number of question: 30
Marks: 30
Weighting AS: 50%
Weighting A2: 25%

Paper 2 (AS)

Type of paper: Structured Questions on AS topics
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Number of question: 3
Marks: 90
Weighting AS: 50%
Weighting A2: 25%

Paper 3 (A2)

Type of paper: Multiple choice questions
Duration: 1 hour
Number of question: 30
Marks: 30
Weighting A2: 25%

Paper 4 (A2)

Type of paper: Problem solving questions
Duration: 2 hours
Number of question: 3
Marks: 120
Weighting A2: 25%

Candidates will sit the Cambridge International A level qualification in two stages:

The AS level at the end of the first year and obtain an AS qualification.

If they continue on and sit p3 and p4 at the end of the second year they will obtain the full A Level.