April 2016


By : Nurain Nasuha

As a Latin phrase goes, Mens sana in corpore sano, which translates as "a healthy mind in a healthy body.

On the 7th until 9th April 2016, students of KYSIS were given the opportunity to participate in a programme called Exploration and Expedition in Pahang, to further complete the requirements for the International Youth Award (IYA). Besides serving as a platform to fulfil the IYA requirements, one of the aims of this programme is to provide an outlet for KYSIS students to relax and unwind before the examination weeks begin.

For those of you who do not have a clue about IYA, it is a youth empowerment program suited for youths of ages 14 to 24 years old. The main purpose of the IYA is to

encourage youths to volunteer their times doing something that benefits the community. The award comprises of three different levels to be accomplished, the Bronze, the Silver and the Gold level. In order to be certified with the completion of each level, participants need to complete four distinct sections; Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey. This Exploration and Expedition programme falls under the Adventurous Journey category.

This programme was held in Pahang, in various locations such as The Pahang National Park and famous caves in Pahang namely Kota Gelanggi Cave and Balai Cave, which the students of KYSIS had the experience to sleep in. Throughout the three days programme, KYSIS students took part in many activities that proved to be engaging and challenging.

Among the highlights from the first day of camping are abseiling activity and the night cave exploration. “This is my first time abseiling. At first, it seems hard and really challenging, but once you get the techniques correct, you will be craving the feeling of adrenaline. Once is not enough,” said Muhammad Omar Suharuddin, one of the enthusiastic participants of the expedition.

Another participant, Nur Qurratu Iman Mohd Rusli, who was also the project manager of the expedition, commented, “I’ve been to cave explorations before, but never at night. At night, things seem to be different compared to during the day. The caves seem to be more magnificent at night, together with the sounds of nature and various night critters.”

The camping trip was continued on the second day with interesting activities such as a nature walk in Pahang National Park, rapid shooting in Tembeling River and a visit to an orang asli village (indigenous people). Later on, the students also had the chance to immerse themselves with nature and night critters in a night jungle walk in Pahang National Park. The final leg of the camping trip was carried on with activities such as jungle trekking and canopy walk in Pahang National Park.

All in all, the camping trip was indeed a successful one and it is hoped that this experience will help to reenergize KYSIS students to be in a better state of mind for the upcoming examination weeks.

Before The Exams

By :Sarah Sofina

On the 26th of April 2016, in conjunction with the upcoming A-levels examination, the KYSIS student body organized a ceremony called the Sorry Circle. This ceremony gives students the opportunity to seek forgiveness and blessing from the teachers, which is commonly done before upcoming important examinations. The ceremony began with a prayer recitation by Hafiz from AS3, followed by a speech by our headboy, Azhad Arif and a motivational and encouraging speech from our principal, Dr Chia Keng Boon. The teachers are then lined up and students then began to ask forgiveness from each teacher. Students also took the opportunity to exchange forgiveness and encouraging words among the students themselves.

In addition to the ceremony, the student body also organized a solat hajat event led by Ustaz Damin for the Muslim students to seek Allah’s forgiveness, guidance and assistance and blessing. After all the efforts that have been put in our studies, it is best to ask for His blessings and guidance so that we would be able to sit for our exams with serenity. The event started in the evening of 28th April 2016 with the students performing the Maghrib prayers and followed by recitation of surah yassin and a talk by Ustaz Damin. The students then performed solat hajat after the Isyak prayers.

Indeed, the Sorry Circle ceremony and solat hajat events had gave students opportunity to ask for forgiveness and blessing. It is also hoped that from these events, students would be able to sit for the examinations smoothly without any complications. All in all, the KYSIS Newsletter team wishes good luck for those who will start their examinations soon, and may the force be with us.