August 2016

Independence Day Speech Competition 2016

In conjunction of the 59th Malaysia Independence Day, KYSIS held an Independence Day Speech Competition.

Two representatives were chosen from each house; Rahman, Hussein and Razak. The competition was held during Tuesday's weekly assembly over two consecutive weeks, on the 16th and 23rd of August. Each delivered wonderful speeches, successfully grabbing the attention of the audience.

However, when the time came to determine the winner, two of the competitors had the same marks. In the end, the judges decided to let there be two champions as they were equally good speeches but appropriate for different audiences.

Congratulations to each participant!

1st place: Muhammad Omar and Abhiram

2nd place: Jesryna Rajes Patel

3rd place: Nakeeran Kumar

Further congratulations to Nakeeran who won the Champion trophy in Johor State Level Political Speech Competition in conjunction with MIC 70th Anniversary organised by Johor State MIC Information Bureau.

We wish him the best of luck when he represents Johor State at the National Level to be held during the last week of September.


A bowling outing at MITC was organised by Hussein house. The whole KYSIS clan, including some teachers (Mr. Amran, Ms. Briggs and Ms. Tay) participated the trip.

The event was a success. All the students and teachers were smiling vibrantly, either satisfied with their games or laughing at the barely falling pins. I would say that most of them enjoyed the bowling session, even when some were total amateurs in this game. Nevertheless, the trip tightened our bond as well as relieved the stress from our daily routine. I hope to enjoy more trips with my KYSIS family in the future.

Resuly Day!

This year’s Cambridge International AS and A Levels Examination results were officially released on 11 th August worldwide. KYSIS students are among the candidates who received the long awaited revelation of their effort during the exams last summer.

After trudging through countless pages, sleepless nights and truck-loads of exercises, it is not surprising that the KYSIS students managed to display splendid and excellent result as more than 95% of them passed the AS and A Level examinations.

Guided by Ms. Iris Tay, 67% of the AS Accounting students managed to achieve A and recorded only C as the lowest grade obtained. Psychology subject also displayed impressive record as 53% of the AS students and 100% of the A2 students garnered A for the exam with the help of Mr. Colin McElvenny throughout the year. None of the AS students failed in Accounting, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and History subjects.
For A Levels examination, the number of students achieving A*, A and B are equal at 28% each which sums up to 84%, a testimony of their hard work throughout their studies in KYSIS. The teachers were proud of their achievements and believe that the AS students could secure and even surpass their seniors' record for the next Summer examination.

Congratulations to all the AS and A2 students of 2015/2016 and may success be within your grasp!


The final sound checks complete, tables set, food ready and the performers all warmed up, the students of KYSIS geared up for the annual Awards Night!

As the guests arrived, the emcees, Najee Ilmi and Miss Brissa Yamamura took the stage to get the evening underway. Being the brilliant hosts they are, they managed to make the audience feel comfortable, and got them raring to go for evening’s entertainment.

The Katalysts were the first performers of the night. They performed several songs, featuring the soulful voices of Sofea Azlan and Ikram Sopee. Next on the list was Mr Peter Gisbey with a very lively self-written poem. Iman Nurhanise was the following solo piano act, with a very powerful and moving rendition of Sam Smith’s “Writing’s on The Wall”. John Gifford of the Malacca Theatre Group was the fourth act of the night. He performed a scene from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”, with the help of emcee Najee Ilmi. Unfortunately for Najee, it was a scene from after Caesar’s death; which meant he had to lay on the stage motionless under white cloth for close to half an hour. Poor Najee. Last but not least were the spanking new AS students of KYSIS with a Bollywood dance.

The award ceremony followed, and our beloved Principal Dr Chia Keng Boon took the honour of handing out the awards to all the excellent students of KYSIS. Among them were three previous A2 students; Ahmad Ayyash, Nur Zulaikha and Ching Ching who received the Platinum Award for their outstanding results in their CIE A Level examination. Three last year’s AS students; Karyshma, Sofea Azlan and Jesryna were also presented with the prestigious Platinum Award.

The evening concluded with speeches from Principal Dr Chia Keng Boon and the valedictorian of 2016, Ahmad Ayyash, who very rightly stated, “Try to experience as much as you can in life and don’t be bogged down because life is worth so much more than brooding over exam grades.”

On the whole, the evening was grand success. A photo session with much enthusiasm was to follow the dinner itself. In the end, everyone went home with a full belly, high self-esteem and a satisfied smile on their faces.