What are the fees?

By international standards, the fees at KYS International School are extremely competitive regarding the experience and professionalism of the teaching staff. By Malaysian standards, the package KYS International School offers is one of the best on the market.

Is KYS International School a boarding school?

Yes, the KYS International School experience places great importance on the benefits of being a boarder. The school offers full boarding facilities with modern dormitory accommodation, dedicated boarding staff, tasty meals, and fun filled trips organized at weekends. However, it is also possible to attend as a day student.

Can I attend as a day student?

Yes. If you are from Melaka, or are willing to find your own accommodation nearby the school then you are welcome to attend here daily, obviously with reduced fees.

Can I go home at weekends?

Yes, but only with parental and school permission.

Is KYS International School open to all races?

Yes, as an international school with teachers who have traveled the world, we encourage and celebrate all ethnic backgrounds, cultures and traditions. Cultural awareness and education is an important part of the KYS International School philosophy.

How are Malay/Chinese/Indian/foreign students accommodated for?

All students are catered for equally. Optional additional A-Level exams can be taken in Chinese, Tamil, Islamic Studies or any other area of expertise a student may have, although no extra tuition is provided for these subjects.

Are all the teachers ex-pats?

With the exception of our accounts teacher, all teaching staff are from overseas. Although most hail from the UK, we have a diverse and interesting array of backgrounds and ancestry which all help to make KYS International School a melting pot of ideas and learning. To find out more, click here.

Is there an entrance exam?

Not as such. Entrance is determined by SPM grades, but an entrance exam to determine more specific leveling information may be given in some circumstances in Maths, English or Thinking Skills.

Are all classes in English?

Yes, all classes are taught in 100% English by native speakers.

How good does my English have to be to start at KYS International School?

Having a B- in English at SPM may not guarantee that your level is high enough, but if you can watch an English movie without subtitles and still follow the plot, then you are good enough to apply for an entrance exam.

Are there additional English classes?

Mandatory English lessons are taken five hours per week by all students as well as Thinking Skills that refines the use of formal language , but no additional classes are not provided. However, by taking all other lessons in English, your level will improve very quickly and you’ll be fluent in no time!

Do I have to take Maths and English?

Maths is an optional subject, but English is mandatory for all students.

How long is the A-Level course?

Two years from start to finish. AS exams get completed at the end of your first year (May/June), and A2 exams are completed at the end of the second (May/June).

When does the A-Level course start?

At KYS International School, we start our academic year at the beginning of August.

Are the A-Levels internationally recognized?

Very much so. The A-Levels are seen as the gold standard in secondary academic achievement by all universities in the British commonwealth, and quite a lot of other prestigious universities in the rest of the English speaking world.

How much more difficult are A-Levels than SPM/IGCSE?

Quite a lot more difficult. A-Level stands for ‘Advanced Level’. It is very rare for even a very hard-working student to score an B at A-Level if they had not scored an A at IGCSE. As IGCSE and SPM are seen to be somewhat equivalent, the same logic applies, although bare in mind, the level of English in the Cambridge system is a lot more complex.

Is KYS International School a Cambridge accredited (CIE) centre?

Yes, KYS International School holds CIE exams right here in our very own exam hall.

How difficult is it to get into top British Universities?

The selection process is complicated, and KYS International School staff will help guide you through it so as to have the best chance possible of getting into the university of your choice. Most courses will consider an applicant if they meet the minimum grade requirements, but some will actually request an interview. In an interview you will have to demonstrate not only that you know your chosen subject area well, but also that you have original thought, can demonstrate team-work and that you are ambitious and enthusiastic about learning.

Does KYS International School offer SATs exams?

No, we don’t run SATs exams, but our friendly teachers will be more than willing to help you succeed in SATS by tailoring some classes to suit SATs material. The school will also accommodate you as best it can to take some time off around the time of the exams.

How long is the school day?

We start at 7:15am and finish at 4:00pm. There is a thirty minute break between morning classes and one hour for lunch.

When does the term start?

Term one starts in August, term two starts in January.

When does the term end/when are the exams?

Term one ends in December with a short holiday over the New Year period, term two ends in June with the end of the CIE exam period.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio?

The ratio is roughly 10:1 although this could go up or down depending on your subject choices.

How big are the class sizes?

Class sizes can vary depending on the subject material from only a few students up to 20.

How many classes per subject per week?

Each choice subject will have a minimum of 5 hours timetabled lessons with a teacher. Other mandatory courses may vary such as Thinking Skills and extra-curricular activities.

Do I have to attend all classes?

Yes, unless with expressed permission from the school, or in lieu of a doctor’s certificate.

What’s the accommodation/hostel/dormitory like?

Modern, clean and spacious.

What’s the food like?

Five meals a day are provided for boarders, with all the Malaysian signature dishes. There is a campus canteen providing western and eastern meals, snacks and drinks that is open from morning till night. Day students have to buy or bring their own lunch.

What is there to do outside classes?

Clubs, sports or just plain socializing.