February 2016

Futsal Attack!
By Najihah Adeli AS1


Welcome everyone to our latest version of sports entertainment. On 30th January, KYSIS held a Sports Carnival. One of the sports played was futsal. It was a battle between the blue dragons of Rahman House, the red phoenix of the Razak House and the silver foxes of Hussein House.

The tournament started at 9.15 a.m with the players of each houses entered the courts in high spirits.

The competition was intense between the houses. All of the players showed great talent. Razak house gave their best shot during their first match. Their star player, Mr Muhammad Hazim was on form leading his team well. The futsal team captain of Rahman house, Mr Asyraaf Zawawi scored a hat-trick against Razak house. Mr Muhammad Aini Haziq from Hussein house proved that he’s a more than capable goalie blocking every shot, keeping Hussein’s net untouched. In conclusion, Hussein boys team had a total of 12 goals, 6 of which were scored by our one and only Mr Zufar Zulqarnain. The invincible Hussein team proved that they were the best by winning the overall futsal boys touniment. A massive congratulations to the Hussein Boys and kudos to Razak and Rahman boys as well for putting up a great fight.

As for the girls tournament, there were not many goals conceded overall, however Miss Batrisyia from Hussein house was the top scorer on the day. The competition was just as intense for the girls as it was for the boys and after some very exciting matches Rahman house won the final by a margin of 1 point above Hussein.

All of the houses showed great team spirit, with numerous supporters coming to cheer on their house. The supporters put a lot of effort into making very impressive banners to cheer on their houses. All in all, congratulations to all who participated in the futsal matches the tournament was a great success.

Below are the results for the futsal game:

Boys Categories

Hussein. The winning team for the boys’ futsal category

Hussein 2 vs 0 Rahman
-2 goals by Zufar Zulqarnain

Hussein 2 vs 0 Rahman
-1 goal by Zufar Zulqarnain
-1 goal Adli Zulhusni
Rahman 4 vs 0 Razak
-3 goals by Asyraaf Zawawi
-1 goals Muhammad Muizzuddin

Rahman 0 vs 3 Hussein
-1 goal by Zufar Zulqarnain
-2 goals by Adli
Razak 0 vs 3 Hussein
-2 goals by Zufar Zulqarnain
-1 goal Adli Zulhusni

Razak 0 vs 3 Rahman
-2 goals by Asyraaf Zawawi
-1 goal Muhammad Muizzuddin
Girls Categories

Rahman, who got 1st place for the futsal girls’ category. Congrats Rahman!
Razak 0 vs 0 Hussein

Hussein 0 vs 1 Rahman
- 1 goal by Daarshini
Rahman 0 vs 0 Razak

Hussein 2 vs 0 Razak
-2 goals by Batrisyia
Rahman 0 vs 0 Hussein

Razak 0 vs 1 Rahman
-1 goal by Tengku Nur Sabrina

Aim, Focus, Shoot!
by Nurain Nasuha AS2

The Goal Attacker gets the ball. She passes the ball swiftly to the Goal Shooter. The crowd is starting to go mad. The Goal Shooter aims for the net, putting 110 % of her focus into this decisive moment. Within a split second, the Goal Shooter scores and the crowd roar and cheer. The referee confirms the goal and the game starts again from the centre pass.
Rahman and Razak in action!

This is a typical situation in a game of netball. To those who have absolutely no idea about netball, netball is a game usually played by a team consisting of 7 people. The main aim of this game is getting the ball into the net, and thus the name of the game. Besides just scoring a goal for the team, players have to follow a set of rules and regulations such as a limited body contact.

On the 31st of January 2016, the KYSIS community was given the opportunity to actively participate in the annual KYSIS Sports Day 2016, organised by the KYSIS Student Body. This year, the houses that were competing for the House Cup were Razak House, Hussein House and Rahman House. The students were given the chance to show their sports prowess in various games such as netball and futsal.

The matches were held at the KYS field, around 4:00 p.m with the opening match between Razak and Rahman. After 15 minutes of passing and scoring, the Razak House gained victory against the Rahman House. The evening continued with each house competing against the other two houses for two rounds
Hussein and Razak. Is it a score?

One of the players from the Hussein House, Nur Syairah Mohd Nizam who certainly played with great agility as a Goal Attacker said, “When you are in the game, your main aim is to get the ball into the net and obtain a score for the team. This is where focus plays a part. You put 110% of your focus into getting the ball into the net, and I believe that is also how we should focus in achieving our academic goals.”

Nadiah Zaidil, the resilient Goal Defender from the Rahman House commented that, “My experience playing with the Rahman netball team certainly has taught me the importance of team spirit and how every member in the team needs to support each other mentally and physically in order to get through the game. The ball cannot get into the net without the cooperation and coordination of every player on the team. “

Not forgetting, the dedicated organiser of this event, Tengku Nur Sabrina Tengku Saifudin said, “This event aims to promote a healthy form of competition between the KYSIS community and also promote a healthy lifestyle amidst the busy lifestyle of A-Level students. I can say that this event met its objective and was a huge success.”
The evening was concluded with the Razak House achieving the first place after winning all 4 matches, and followed by the Hussein House in second and Rahman House in third place.
All in all, the KYSIS Newsletter Team wishes to congratulate all the participating teams and that this healthy form of competition will be sustained in the future.