Mr. Murray has a B.A. degree in History and Politics and a M.Sc. China in the International Arena. Before joining KYS International School, Mr. Murray was Head of Humanities and Examinations at a school in Jakarta, Indonesia. He has five years of teaching experience.

Mr. Murray believes that the study of History in an important one. History is not only a study of the past but a study of our participation in the long story of life.


A History student has a passion for the complexities of the past and how it has influenced the world we live in today. A qualification in History can lead to wide variety opportunities from law, business and journalism to being a diplomat. Universities in the United Kingdom have recently stated that A Level History is "the single most important subject in helping students succeed in Medicine and Sciences, due to the skills of analysis and writing required."
Topics covered in Year 1
  • Liberalism and Nationalism in Italy and Germany, 1848-1871
  • Modern Europe, 1789-1917

Topics covered in Year 2

  • The Holocaust
  • Europe of the Dictators, 1918-1941
Students are assessed on their ability to:
  • Recall, select and use historical knowledge appropriately and communicate knowledge and
    understanding of History in a clear and effective manner.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the past through explanation, analysis and arriving at a
    substantiated judgement of: key concepts such as causation, consequence, continuity, change and
    significance within an historical context, the relationships between key features and characteristics
    of the periods studied.
  • Analyze and evaluate a range of appropriate source material with discrimination
  • Analyze and evaluate, in relation to historical context, how aspects of the past have been
    interpreted and represented in different ways.
Methods of Assessment AS and A2

Type of Paper : Liberalism and Nationalism in Italy and Germany, 1848-1871
Duration : 60 minutes
Weighting AS : 40%
Weighting A2 : 20%


Type of Paper : Modern Europe, 1789-1917
Duration : 90 minutes
Weighting AS : 60%
Weighting A2 : 30%


Type of Paper : The Holocaust
Duration : 60 minutes
Weighting A2 : 20%


Type of Paper : Europe of the Dictators, 1918-1941
Duration : 90 minutes
Weighting A2 : 30%