June 2016

Kysis Iftar 2016

By: Syafiqa Afrina

On the evening of the 15th of June 2016, an iftar celebration was held for all the teachers, students and staffs of KYSIS. The event was held at our very own KYSIS Green Compound. You might be interested to know, what is an ‘iftar’. Iftar, which is an Arabic word, means an evening meal whereby Muslims end their daily Ramadhan fast around sunset.

The event started with all the Muslims students and staffs breaking their fast, after fasting for around 13 hours. The students and staffs were served light meals for iftar which consisted of dates, some refreshments and some local kuih. Before proceeding with heavier meals, the students performed Maghrib prayers, led by our very own student, Mr. Amirul Rafiq from AS5. Once the prayers were performed, the main meals were served. With the arrival of the teachers and staffs by eight o’clock, the event began. The festive meals served in the event included fried rice, roasted lamb, barbecued chicken and the most anticipated Malaysian dessert, the ‘cendol’.

While other attendees were having their meals, the students enliven the evening with fire crackers and sparklers. Once the students had finished eating, Mr. Zufar Zulqarnain began to recite the calls for prayers or better known as the Adhan. The students then performed the Isya’ and Tarawih prayers led by our beloved Ustaz Tazlie. The Tarawih prayers thus marked the end of our Iftar event.

All in all, the KYSIS Newsletter team wishes a Happy Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims observing the holy month, and here’s to more happy memories of Ramadan in KYSIS.