March 2016

The Election

By, Maisarah

On the 3rd of February of this year, the election committee successfully held the 3rd KYSIS Head Boy and Head Girl Election event. The election committee, led by Ms Nurul Iffah, AS1, said that she was satisfied and grateful that the election went smoothly and to add to that, majority of the school’s committee participated in voting. In addition, there were only two void votes. The event was held at Classroom 6 of the A Level Building and started at 2.05 p.m. and ended at exactly 3.30 p.m. of the same day. Teachers and students were all invited to votes, and satisfyingly 96.0% of them voted.

Headboy : Azhad Arif
The candidates for the head boy and head girl were among the prefects from the AS Level students. They were particularly chosen by the principle based on their achievements on academics and also extra curricular activities. There were three boys running for the head boy position Azhad Arif (AS2), Zufar Zulqarnain (AS6) and Muhammad Amer Wafiy (AS3) . For the head girl positon, there were also three outstanding girls chosen which were Tengku Nur Sabrina (AS6), Nur Nathirah (AS1) aand Karyshma Gill (AS6). These are the students who have been showing very good performances especially in leadership skills since day 1 they came to KYSIS.

After long waiting, the result was announced during the formal assembly on the 16th of February after the Chinese New Year holiday. The Head Boy position went to Mr Azhad Arif and for the Head Girl position, the throne goes to Ms Tengku Nur Sabrina. The result were announced by Ms Nurul Iffah. The whole school congratulated them and wishes for the best of them. Each of them was given the opportunity to give their hope and wishes throughout their upcoming days in KYSIS. However, the most distinctive message that connected both of them was that, they believed the only way to create the best memories in KYSIS is when both the leaders and followers form synergy and understand each other.

Congratulations to our new Head boy and Head girl. May the power and the title given to you be taken to your fullest responsible. We also would like to congratulate and wish the best to the new housecaptains and the assistants for each houses. Pray for many more success and happy memories in KYSIS.

Headgirl : Tengku Nur Sabrina
House : Rahman
Housecaptain : Syahir Hakimi
Assistant housecaptain : Iman Nurhanisse

House : Razak
Housecaptain : Muhammad Hazim
Assistant housecaptain : Adleen Hayati

House : Hussein
Housecaptain : Aini Haziq
Assistant housecaptain : Ain Syaza Najlaa

It had been a fortnight ago that mock exam ended. I am sure everyone had received their result last week and did well on mock exam. But to those who felt that you can achieve more than what you have got, do not worry we are on the same boat.

Remember, there is still a room for improvement. You should stay close to those “Jimmy Neutron”, “Frankeinstein” , “Mr. Textbook” or whatever you called them in your class and seek for help. Do not be shy, or else you will be left behind. And Jimmy neutron, do not forget to give some of your brainy idea to those who needs your help. There is one popular sayings, “If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you wanna go far, go together”. Because of that, I am sure you would choose the latter.

Since we are on the homestretch heading towards AS and A level examination in May which are about 36 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes, I had been surfing for the best study tips I found on the web to fill in this edition. Here how you should kick off.
  • Create a study calendar. Start exactly one month before the exams are scheduled to start. For each day write down the subject that you plan to spend time studying. Take into account which subjects require more practice and in depth knowledge - this should show up on your study calendar more frequently. Most importantly, stick to calendar or else your schedule will be totally mess up. Remember my friends, this is the time to study smart!
  • Figure out your own study method and practice it. Study methods include using colours, pictures and brainstorm or map pages. Use the method that works for you, as long as it is effective.
NB : Everyone has different methods to study, what works for your friend may not work for you.
So, enjoy being yourself.
  • Take breaks. After studying for a while, reward yourself by going on a walk to clear your mind or chatting with friend. (Do not gossiping, it is sinful hehe). Try not to feel guilty about this - you need some time to have fun and it is better to revise when you are feeling relaxed after a break than to exhaust yourself studying all day.
  • Keep being healthy. It is important to be fit and healthy throughout the study month. It will result in more effective studying. Keeping a healthy diet should not be complex, as it could just entail a simple walk or jog for 20-30 minutes and having proper meals daily.
  • Oh and the most important thing you should do is pray, pray and pray. Do not forget, God is there to help you. Seek His help and He shall helps you. With His will, you will survives this journey.
I hope this tips will serve you the best way to pursue examinations. Take care and best of luck for AS and A level examination. Break a leg!

KYSIS Bids Farewell

by Nurain Nasuha

A few weeks ago, KYSIS bids farewell to its two dedicated teachers, Mr.Anthony Murray and Miss Ellen Shortis. Mr. Murray, who taught History, will greatly be missed by his students, both for his all-encompassing History knowledge, and also his sarcastic History jokes. What’s not to love in a sarcastic Scotsman that makes History jokes in order to make History lessons more interesting? We wish a very good luck in your future undertakings, Mr. Murray. In this occasion, here’s a History joke from the KYSIS Newsletter Team.

Q: Where did Nicholas Romanov II get his coffee?
A: At the Tsarbucks

As for Miss. Shortis, her exuberant personality and her fascinating Chemistry lessons will truly be missed. What’s not to love in an energetic teacher that teaches rate of reactions and activation energy? Miss Shortis was also the supervising teacher for the Newsletter team, and her wise editorial advices will be remembered. Thank you Miss Shortis for all the time you have sacrificed in guiding the Newsletter team, and good luck in your future journey.

On this occasion only, here’s a Chemistry pun from the team.

Q: What do you get when you mix sulphur, tungsten and silver?

Like how the old proverb goes, all good things must come to an end. The KYSIS Newsletter team wishes all the best and good luck to Mr. Murray and Miss Shortis in their future endeavours.

AS5 and AS6 with Miss Shortis.

The Newsletter Team with Miss Shortis.

AS1 and AS2 with Mr. Murray.