MAY 2016

Happy Teachers’ Day 2016!

By: Maisarah

The role of a teacher is very important in one’s life. From writing ABCs to calculating algorithms, teachers put their best effort and have always hoped for each of their students to be successful and able to contribute to the nation in the future. In Malaysia, we celebrate the Teacher’s Day on the 16th of May annually. During that day, students around Malaysia would show their gratitude to their hardworking and lovable teachers.

In conjuction of this, the KYSIS students planned a surprise event to celebrate the teachers. The event was organized by the KYSIS student body under the leadership of the headboy, Azhad Arif, and the headgirl, Tengku Nur Sabrina. KYSIS students had the opportunity to prepare handmade gifts (mugs) and also a cake to celebrate this memorable day.

The event started at 9.15 a.m. when some of the students pulled off a short fighting scene in front of the classes. While other students waited anxiously at the corridor upstairs with balloons, the teachers were seen to be running from the teachers’ room, towards the commotion with worried faces. Shortly after that, some of the students started to throw balloons from the corridor towards the teachers at the Green Compound. With that, the students shouted Happy Teachers’ Day together and were then greeted with happy and also relieved faces from the teachers.

Relieved by the fact that the fight was not real, one of the teachers also told how clueless she was about this surprise celebration. She said in her previous schools, even though the students were meant to hold a surprise event, the teachers would at least have a slight idea about it.

Nonetheless, the event was held to show how grateful were the students of KYSIS to have teachers like them. Even though, it was a simple event and was held in the middle of our A-Level Exams, we are thankful because the teachers were happy and smiled all along.

To our KYSIS teachers and all the teachers around the world, thank you so much for being the bone of our society and also for playing a great role in building up the characters of students and shape them to become ideal citizens of the world. All in all, the KYSIS Newsletter team wishes a Happy Teachers’ Day!