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Melaka Hari Ini 6 November 2015


KYSIS MUN conference in 2015

The KYSIS MUN secretariat is proud to announce the first inaugural KYSIS MUN conference in 2015.

KYSIS MUN is held on 13th-15th February 2015. The conference welcomes high-school and college/university students from all over Malaysia to engage in high-profile debate on various international matters ranging from the question of Bitcoin (IMF Committee) to Germany's transgression of the Treaty of Versailles (League of Nations Committee).

The conference, being KYSIS' first time as a host since its establishment, seeks to see, firstly, students employing their diplomatic skills in achieving international cooperation, secondly, a Malaysia with quality MUN society, and finally..

DIM DIN Night 2015

DIM DIN Night is a platform which aims to cultivate and promote culture and the upbringing of talent in the hearts of the A-Level students who aspire to be leaders of the country, in the skills of performing arts.

The main objective of this event is:

• To provide an exposure to the students and to help strengthen the bond between them.
• To provide an opportunity for the students to showcase their talent in the performing arts.
• To enable the students harness their talent in performing arts.

AS Level Exam Results

Congratulations to all of the talented and dedicated KYS International School AS Students.

• 100% obtained A and B passes at AS
• 90% obtained at least three A passes or more at AS
• 84% obtained all A passes in all subjects

We study a heavy workload at AS of six subjects (5 A Levels and the English IELTS). Considering this workload, for them to achieve the tremendous results that they did is outstanding.

Kangaroo Maths Competition

All of our A2 students entered in the Malaysian Kangaroo Math’s Competition in the last academic year with success. We had 25% of our students end in the top 10% (of over 6000 students who entered in their age category).

Two of the eleven students received a Silver Award and one received a Bronze Award. Virtually all the rest received honorable mention.


See us at the Facon Education Fair in the Equatorial Hotel, Melaka
on the 1st of December 2017 – Booth 18