November 2016



On the night of 31st October, KYSIS students got a chance to celebrate a spooky yet exciting Halloween party. The party was well organized by Ms. Shortis and the newsletter club. The party took place in the academic block, starting from 8 until 10.30 in the evening.
The party began with a photography sessions in the chemistry lab. Students were welcomed by Halloween decorations hanged around the chemistry lab such as spiders, mini skeletons and creepy-looking posters prepared by students themselves. Needless to say everyone was dressed up. The earliest to come were Fatin Aiman the witch and the fighter Abigail. The Joker, an Old Man, Catwoman, a mad scientist and more students came dressed later. Mr. Setzer , Ms. Rena and Ms. Shortis also participated in the event. Students and teachers took many pictures to keep them as memories. As to some, including myself, it was the first time for us to attend a Halloween costume party. Selfies and photos did captured happy faces, even if it was Halloween.
The party continued with a number of prizes given to the winners of the dress-up and class poster competitions. About twenty participants were gathered before the teachers evaluate them. Well every competition needs a winner, after quite a long time evaluating the participants, the teachers finally announced the winner of the competition. Omar from AS 2 and Sarah from AS 1were both announced as the winner for each boy and girl fancy dress competition. They were indeed very well dressed up with each of them having the best theme in their category, Sarah as the Joker and Omar as a zombie. For the poster competition, the students of AS 6, were very proud to be announced as the winner. Indeed the talent of the artist for the poster, Nadiah, was officially verified on that spooky night.

After that, the movie session began. Two movies were prepared, the Dead Evil, for the courageous students, and the Inside Out movie, for those who crave cuteness. The two movies were well-enjoyed by all the students and the teachers, while they shared snacks and chocolates together. The students and teachers dismissed right after the movie ended. Well, one thing is for sure, happy faces are still around Halloween night.

KYS Turns 20!

By Nurain Nasuha

2015 marks the “perfect storm” of great the achievements for Kolej Yayasan Saad Melaka, as it celebrates its 20 years since it first opened its doors to the first batch of Form One students back in June 1995. Kolej Yayasan Saad was established in 1995 by Tan Sri Halim Saad, a successful entrepreneur. It began with his personal conviction to build a school to provide an excellent secondary education environment for young people from diverse backgrounds, in order to fully achieve their potential. Within a short period of time since its first opening, Kolej Yayasan Saad shot through the ranks to become one of the tops secondary schools in Malaysia.

In this ceremony, the main event was the launching of a book, entitled ‘The KYS Coffee Table Book’ written by Zuraidah Omar. Through careful research and interviews with selected individuals who were with KYSM from the very beginning, new members of staff, the book became a way of recording and preserving the school’s growth and development throughout the years.
The KYS Coffee Table Book contains five chapters, the first chapter is called ‘Realizing a Dream’, which shares the visions of Tan Sri Halim Saad and tells of how a team of people succeeded in realizing his vision. As sung enthusiastically by the proud students of KYS in their school song, KYS aims to be a Centre of Excellence in education, and the elements that have made it possible for the school to achieve such objective is described in the second chapter called ‘Being Number One’. ‘Developing Future Leaders’, is the next chapter of the book, it describes how KYS’s students are nurtured, groomed and guided to be the country’s future leaders. The results of the nurturing, grooming and guidance are discerned in the fourth chapter, ‘Living the KYS Life’, which features the experiences of past and present students, which they continue to value and miss. However, Tan Sri Halim’s educational vision does not stop at the secondary school level. His visions are further told in the fifth chapter of the book, ‘Extending the KYS Brand’, which tells of the expansion of the KYS group into pre-university and tertiary education. The KYS Coffee Table Book also contains a timeline of significant events over the 20 years of KYS providing quality education. The audience was also entertained by the amazing orchestra performances from the KYS Orchestra team.

They performed songs from The Phantom of The Opera and Go for Gold, which also happens to be similar to the coffee table book’s theme, Going for Gold. The day proceeded with the launching of the new building for the school’s own A-Levels program in Kolej Yayasan Saad International School, which further fulfills the vision of Tan Sri Halim in expanding the KYS brand. Surely, 2015 marked the milestone in the great achievements of KYS, and it is hoped that it will inspire others to do the same.