October 2016

Oxbridge Interview Preparations

by Maisarah

On the 24th of October 2016, two of our students Nurnadhirah Irradaturrahmah and Sofea Azlan went for the Cambridge entrance interview held at HELP Academy, Kuala Lumpur. These two bright students were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as well as a very valuable experience to be able to attend the interview.

Their dream of pursuing studies in the league universities is acknowledged by the teachers as most of the students’ preparation were helped and guided by our dedicated teachers. One of the efforts taken by the teachers for the Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) interview was the Interview-Trial conducted by our experienced teachers including Mr. Gisbey who is a Cambridge alumni. As mentioned by Sofea, the teachers have been a great help especially in answering questions regarding experiences.
The Interview-Trial did not only include Nadhirah and Sofea, it also involved students preparing for the upcoming University of Oxford interview which includes Jesryna Patel. Needless to say, the students appreciated the school’s effort in assisting them for the interview. Ultimately, we wish you the best, even if you do not achieve what you wish for, there are always other opportunities open to you.


By ‘Iffah Rahim

Most people see chess, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles and word search games simply as hobbies, but hey, we take them very seriously. So, Razak house brought these mind-challenging activities to a whole new level by organising an inter-house competition, the Battle of the Brains.

Held on 23rd of October, the geniuses and puzzle-lovers of KYSIS gathered to participate in what could be the most intense competition ever held in the history of KYSIS. The quiz game show was hosted by our very own Najee Ilmi and Razak team reigned supreme as they managed to garner 17 points, ahead of the other two teams. Fortunately for Rahman house, they managed to race against time to win the Jigsaw Puzzle showdown.
Meanwhile, Hussein house gained victory in Word Search and Sudoku with the help of their very own experts. The Razak house ended the competition with the triumphant chess move by Rafiq and Ikram. Congratulations to all the participants and hats off to Razak house for organising the one and only, Battle of the Brains.

Drama Club

by Ahmad Wafiy

Lights, camera, action! The curtains are drawn, actors and actresses walk in. Welcome to the KYSIS Broadway where imaginations are unlimited. Every week is magical we travel from the enchanting world of Cinderella and her evil stepmother to brave Alice enduring the mishaps she encountered when she went to her grandmother’s house. As we hold to the notion ‘Impossible is nothing’, you’d be lucky if you get to watch a male version of Cinderella or Cinderoy and even a not-so-female Mama Bear in any of the play. Under the guidance of our own Physics teacher, Mr Louis Saayman, that really appreciates the art of acting such as Shakespeare’s, the KYSIS students are exposed to the beauty of acting. Eventually he got us out from our own ‘shy cocoon’. We’d be given 20 minutes to prepare for our respective play and the rest is history that is made on the stage. Every week is full of laughter as our peers displayed talented and humorous acts as some of them would do a total twist to the tale that has been given to us.

IYA Expedition

by Syahir Hakimi

With our busy lives as A-Level students, it can be hard to find time to be involved in volunteering activities. Nonetheless, there are so many issues that are worth noticing and to be involved with, whether it is about the environment or animal welfare. On 22nd October 2016, KYS International School students recently shared the gift of community service, with the Turtle Conservation & Information Centre located in Kampung Padang Kemunting, Melaka. The initiative involved a group of 43 students and four teachers. En. Johari, the representative of the turtle sanctuary kick-started the programme with a short briefing on sea turtle conservation activities.

The participants were then separated into several groups to work alongside the representatives in giving the turtles a massage treatment, cleaning the turtle pond and the turtle hatching area. They were also involved in cleaning the beach area, where the sea turtles come ashore, at night, to lay their eggs. The event was wrapped up by releasing baby turtles all the way back into the waves. It is hoped everyone acquired a greater understanding and empathy regarding turtle conservation, and are motivated to maintain the cleanliness of nature and ensure the sustainability of the marine creatures.

Squash Inter-House Championship

by Syahir Hakimi.

“G, double O, D, J, O, B, good job, good job, good job!”
“It’s okay, it’s alright, come on Rahman fight fight fight!”

A few participants from different houses were chanting their cheers to give a huge support towards their house’s players. Yes! KYS International School once again have a battle between the houses to prove which house is the best, and this time through squash! The match was organised by our hilarious Chemistry teacher, Mr. Amran Ariff, who is also the teacher for Squash Club. Each house including the staff presented their very best players (as follows):

Gam Zhi Fung (AS)
Tengku Nur Sabrina (A2)
Iman Nurhanise (A2)

Mohd Fikri (AS)
Muhd Hazim (A2)
Rafiq (A2)

Aidil Zhofran (AS)
Adli Zulhusni (A2)
Azhad Arif (A2)

Mr. Amran Ariff
Mr. Collin Mcelvenny
Dr. John Snel

Finally, after several weeks of matches, Rahman house emerged as the champion! The staff followed up in second place with Razak house coming in third. Hussein finished in 4th place. The laughs, cheers and support shared between the students and staff can never be forgotten. Thank you all for helping to make this squash league a possibility. Till next time!