September 2016


In the early days of September, the KYSIS community had its very first progress exam for this academic year. It was held from the 5th to the 8th of September 2016, just one week before a fortnight break for Hari Raya Korban. Not surprisingly, this made it hard for students to concentrate on the exam as everybody was looking forward to the holidays. However, that was not an excuse for most of the community members. Quite recently, some A2 students had also dropped their 4th subject as they want to prioritize the remaining three subjects.

“Now I have more time that I can allocate for each subject.” – Senior A

“The struggle is real!” –Senior B

Almost all A2 students found it hard because it was on a different level compared to AS. On the other hand, one of the AS student commented that the first progress exam was alright as she had to adapt to a new system. Nonetheless, she pulled through and found it bearable.


KYSIS community does more than just study; they also have an ultimate passion for baking. On every Saturday, Dr. Anne Snel and Ms. Rachel Fairhead organize a baking class for students who are interested to join. Over the past few weeks, delicacies that have been prepared by students and teachers were scones, Swiss roll and chocolate chip cookies. The idea behind this is to help the students to divert their attention from academic studies to a more stress-relieving activity. Through this weekly class, some students managed to show their surprisingly profound hidden talent in baking. Since it first started, the students were excited and thrilled to participate. From this support, it seems that this class will continue throughout the academic year.


The inter-house squash tournament which began in the midst of August continues. Not only the students, even the teachers are actively taking part in this intense competition. This tournament is expected to end in early October. Moving on to the next highlight of the month, the dancing team has been tirelessly practising their routine for the upcoming Dim Din Night. Ms. Iris Tay, recruited Sunny, a professional dancer who owns a dance studio to choreograph and coordinate this performance. The Research Club, run by Mr PJ Gisbey, is designed to be fun and engaging. Members are encouraged to explore their own research ideas, also receiving mentoring and academic guidance. They began working on their research topics early on in the academic year, aiming to have completed their Extended Essay reports before the next Chinese New Year holiday. On the other hand, swimming and fencing classes are steadily progressing with improvements being made in their respective skills.